Meanwhile, on Tumblr…

Goodbye MOG

(As previously (partially) posted on Tumblr)

Goodbye Mog may be one of my favourite books of all time, at least that still exists. Sadly, the blog is no more.

Its removal happened around Thanksgiving 2012, with no prior notice given to bloggers other than a tweet mentioning “that only very few MOG members would be affected” or something to that effect, less than 24 hours before deletion. I missed that update at the time, so my blog has gone and I don’t have a full back-up of it other than bits and pieces that I hope to restore here over time. But I’ll forever miss my personal bit of MOG and everything ‘the old’ MOG stood for.

Note: For other original MOGgers of years gone by, there is of course a Facebook group and a Tumblr blog.