“I’ll be right down”

Come to my door to talk to me about Jesus, Jehova, Allah, Scientology or any other religion, and I will listen. I will make it very clear to you from the start that I won’t be joining your church, but you’re very welcome to come in for a cuppa and a chat, and I know you will inspire me, even though – as I said already – I won’t be joining you congregation or denomination.

When I say I will open the door and invite you in, that’s not the whole truth. You see, before I come downstairs I’ll first open my window to see who is at the door.

The kind Jehova’s Witnesses at the door just now didn’t see that one coming. As one of the lovely ladies put it, she “thought she heard a voice from heaven”… I can’t even begin to imagine how disappointed she must have felt when it was just me, hanging out the window above her head.

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