Bono’s ONE too many insult…

Olly Buston, European Director, posted this response to recent
criticism of his (and Bono’s) ONE foundation. I am not normally one to
complain – I prefer switching off – but this one infuriated me to a point
that I could not resist responding. While my comment is still pending
approval on the site itself, I decided to already post a copy of it right

Mr Buston,

Are you trying to insult my intelligence here? ‘Cause quite frankly, this
response of yours has infuriated me to the point of insult. Am I seriously
expected to swallow this BS or are you just really that ignorant that you
believe it yourself?

The fine achievements and improvements you’ve listed here are indeed
impressive, but they’re not yours or your organisation’s; you merely claim
to have campaigned for or on behalf of the organisations whose
accomplishments you cited. There is no way of checking to what extent your
‘campaigning’ benefited these organisations – they might as well have
achieved the same results without ONE’s alleged ‘efforts’ – and as such
there is no way of determining whether the millions you spent as such on
non-charitable expenditures proved value for money in the grand scheme of
things. There is no way of assuring me that policy changes would not have
been made without your lobbying. And there is no way of checking beyond the
boundaries of your own organisations’ records whether or not your
expenditures are disproportionate to the alleged ‘results’. Is that the type
of ‘transparency’ you wish to promote?!

You are happy to shout from the rooftops that your organisation is not about
ground-level projects – which is supposedly why less then 2% of your income
is spent on them – then are all too happy to claim the successes achieved by
other organisations’ ground-level projects as your own… can you not see
the hypocrisy of your own pretty words there?!

Whether or not your donations came from the general public or merely a few
wealthy philanthropists is irrelevant to your argument, because members of
the general public do pay generously into other charities, and regardless of
whether you affiliate with any of the charities they’ve given money too,
they may now reconsider future donations wondering how much of the money
they donate would indeed be spent on the actual purpose advocated for. Is
that the type of awareness you were trying to create?

Regardless of any message you claim to stand for, any purpose you intend to
serve, the message I get from your reply here to the criticism addressed to
you recently is that you don’t consider yourself a charity, but one great
big millionaires’ PR exercise. And as such, you appear to be doing those
charities that actually don’t waste people’s money and do achieve phenomenal
things with relatively very little money ONE great big disservice. Yet you
seem completely oblivious to this, otherwise you would reconsider more than
just what media kits to send out. Perhaps you need to gain a little
awareness yourself, first?

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