Politisplaining, Alt-Rightsplaining & Mediasplaining

Because mensplaining and womensplaining are old hat — sexism, like racism and other type of bigotry, is apparently mainstream again — I figured I’d introduce the new concepts that I think are (unfortunately!) going to be all the rage in 2017: politisplaining, alt-rightsplaining and mediasplaining.



A voice to the name?

Courtesy of LBC 97.3 and Duncan Barkes

While I have a face for radio, I certainly have the voice for… writing. Proof is in this clip from LBC 97.3 from 22 February 2013 featuring me phoning in to Duncan Barkes. As for the subject of this call, the topic of discussion was “songs you’re meant to love, but loathe”. (Click here for the blog entry listing the other songs mentioned.)

As unpleasant as I find the sound of my own voice, at least this gives me a chance to give you ‘a voice to the name,’ so to speak, and a taster of my taste in music.