Of envyism and journotism

Part of the below (text marked purple) was previously posted as a comment on Huffington Post’s article but at the time of posting this blog entry this comment was still pending approval.

It’s to easy for Huffington Post to tweet about “Private schools for the 1%” copying and pasting info from the institutions’ websites onto their own to suit that agenda, conveniently leaving out that plenty (if not all) of the schools referred to offer fee-free places and scholarships to pupils whose parents could never afford the tuition fees.

Khadeeja Safdar happily mentions the popular statistic regarding children on free school meals who never make it to Oxbridge, conveniently leaving out any statistics of how many former Etonians going to Oxbridge made it there on scholarships and completely ignoring Britains anti-class attitudes that are damaging children’s opportunities in education, work and life.

On a day that dumbed-down envyists rejoice in News Corp’s losses and celebrate HuffPo journoTs, may I suggest perhaps engaging in proper research, for instance into how the UK’s state care system is letting down young people while costing more per child than private boarding schools charge per place?

Note: While Huffington Post profiles itself as ‘The Internet Newspaper’ and is structured with editors, chief editors etc., it’s still a blog (and at times p*** poor at relaying ‘news’).

If we, as consumers, value our serious press/media we best invest in their outlets, be it through buying (electronic) papers, advertising with them, or shopping through affiliate links.

In the meantime, I hope the serious, professional (‘proper’) journalists stop blaming the public and the internet for what could become their industry’s slow demise, and show us, through quality journalism, how they distinguish themselves from blogs and gutter press (because right now the difference isn’t always noticeable; it’s almost if some have lowered their level to compete with bad journots) and why they are worth paying for.

P.S. Khadeeja, if you’re reading this: in your Twitter bio you claim to be a Journalism graduate from Columbia University. If you are, and this copy-and-paste job is what you’re churning out as acceptable ‘journalism’, I’d go and ask my tuition fees back if I were you, seriously. I have nothing against you as a person, but that. Was not. Journalism.