Politisplaining, Alt-Rightsplaining & Mediasplaining

Because mensplaining and womensplaining are old hat — sexism, like racism and other type of bigotry, is apparently mainstream again — I figured I’d introduce the new concepts that I think are (unfortunately!) going to be all the rage in 2017: politisplaining, alt-rightsplaining and mediasplaining.



It’s here! LBC Loony & Bigot Bingo!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a regular and generally happy listener to LBC 97.3, but I think it’s fair to say that many callers lack balanced views and observe politics and current affairs like they would their football (i.e. focused on their own club colour, narrow for-or-against attitude). Their contributions are generally cliche-ridden and often loony – it’s part of the entertainment of listening!

If you’re a regular listener, here’s something to hopefully add entertainment value: the LBC Loony & Bigot Bingo Card (or, as Twitter user @Swnk16 suggested we call it, EDL or No Deal). Then again, if you’ve never listened to LBC 97.3 before, give it a try; the bingo card will help ease you in, no doubt.

Preview the bingo card below and click here or on the image to download and print your own (size: A4).

LBC Bigot Bingo Card

Tweet to @jojowiththeflow (hashtag #BIGOTBINGO) if you want to contribute to (possible) future updates.

A voice to the name?

Courtesy of LBC 97.3 and Duncan Barkes

While I have a face for radio, I certainly have the voice for… writing. Proof is in this clip from LBC 97.3 from 22 February 2013 featuring me phoning in to Duncan Barkes. As for the subject of this call, the topic of discussion was “songs you’re meant to love, but loathe”. (Click here for the blog entry listing the other songs mentioned.)

As unpleasant as I find the sound of my own voice, at least this gives me a chance to give you ‘a voice to the name,’ so to speak, and a taster of my taste in music.

Podwhat? Podcast!


(Previously posted on Facebook) (Last updated 28 January 2012 – further updates will undoubtedly follow.)


The new podcast “Ian Collins Wants a Word” will launch on 31 January 2012.
(Aside from that, you can catch Ian on radio weekly on Stephen Nolan’s show on BBC
5live on Saturdays after 10pm, and see him make regular TV appearances on BBC News and Sky News.)*

Some answers to questions (as previously posted in the Facebook page’s comments):

Q: How do I get Ian’s podcast(s)?
A: From Tuesday 31 January 2012 you can download it and/or subscribe to it using iTunes, or listen to it on iancollins.com.

Q: Why can’t I find Ian’s podcast on iTunes?
A: Because it’s not there yet. It launches 31 January 2012 and won’t be visible before then.

Q: Is there an RSS feed/URL for Ian’s podcast?
A: Not yet. It launches 31 January 2012 and any direct link(s) available from then will be shared when they’re available.

Q: What is a podcast?
A: A podcast is a media file made available on the internet for download to a computer, portable media player, smartphone or other compatible device. Besides Google, a good resource for information about podcasts in general and iTunes podcasts in particular is Apple’s website: click here to read Apple’s web page dedicated to the topic; they also have a page where they answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q: But I don’t have / I hate Apple/iTunes/etc..?
A: You don’t need an iPhone, iPod or iPad to get podcasts; anyone with a PC or Mac can download podcasts using iTunes or listen to it on iancollins.com.

Q: What about my Android phone/tablet?
A: Android users can sync podcasts like any other files from their computer to their device or use podcast apps as listed on this online article by The Next Web and no doubt other information will be available elsewhere on the web.

Q: That rules me out then, I have a BlackBerry…
A: No, it doesn’t. BlackBerry users can sync from their computer to their device using BlackBerry Media Sync (an extension to your BlackBerry desktop software); once the URL for Ian’s specific podcasts is known you may even be able to download them directly onto your BB using the BlackBerry Podcast App, who knows.

Q: Yeah, but…
A: Bottom line is: any device that can play media files will be able to play podcasts. As for the Ian Collins Wants a Word podcast, if iTunes doesn’t tickle your (device’s) fancy, any web-enabled device should be able to get you to iancollins.com where the podcast will be made available as well.

Q: How can I contribute to Ian’s podcast?
A: Give him a shout on the studio mobile 07789 18 32 62 (from outside UK: +44 7789 18 32 62). He wants rants, opinions, things that annoy you, whatever you like! it’s a normal UK mobile number so not premium rates or anything. If he likes the message he may include it on the programme.

* Ian’s confirmed appearances from now until the end of February are as follows
  (list is subject to change and may not include all TV appearances):
  – Fri 28 Jan ’12 (TV) Sky News 10.30 & 11.30pm;
  – Sat 29 Jan ’12 (TV) BBC News 11.15pm;
  – Sat 29 Jan ’12 (RADIO) BBC 5live 11.30pm & 12.00am;
  – Tue 31 Jan ’12 (PODCAST) Ian Collins Wants a Word;
  – Sat 04 Feb ’12 (RADIO) BBC 5live 11.30pm & 12.00am;
  – Tue 07 Feb ’12 (PODCAST) Ian Collins Wants a Word;
  – Sat 11 Feb ’12 (RADIO) BBC 5live 11.30pm & 12.00am;
  – Tue 14 Feb ’12 (PODCAST) Ian Collins Wants a Word;
  – Sat 18 Feb ’12 (RADIO) BBC 5live 11.30pm & 12.00am;
  – Sun 19 Feb ’12 (RADIO) LBC 97.3 1-4pm;
  – Tue 21 Feb ’12 (PODCAST) Ian Collins Wants a Word;
  – Sat 25 Feb ’12 (RADIO) BBC 5live 11.30pm & 12.00am;
  – Sun 26 Feb ’12 (RADIO) LBC 97.3 4-7pm;
  – Tue 28 Feb ’12 (PODCAST) Ian Collins Wants a Word.

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