Let me make one thing very clear, first: I am not posting this to judge people for their consumer behaviour; I won’t accept anyone directly or indirectly trying to tell me how to spend my money, so I certainly won’t be doing that sort of thing to others. As long as it’s not my money you’re spending, I really don’t care – each to their own. (Although I do reserve my right to smirk at or behind the back of any adult engaging in ‘unboxing parties’*.) 

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, please be honest with me:

If you are one of those people who rushes to the store for the latest gadget on the day it comes out, then quickly rushes home or wherever else you can rush to unpack, switch on your gadget and start putting your experiences in writing – now here it comes so be VERY honest with me, please – what is it REALLY about for you? Let be more specific: Amidst all the other gadget fans, in all the other virtual and real-life locations, expressing all the other views and reviews, is there really anything left for you to add that hasn’t already been told, written, posted, printed, tweeted or otherwise communicated elsewhere, or are you just publishing your latest so-called review(s) to merely tell the world “HEY, LOOK EVERYONE! LOOK WHAT I’VE GOT! YOO-HOO! HELLOOO! OVER HERE, WATCH ME, LOOK AT WHAT I HAVE! IT’S THE NEWEST, LATEST, GREATEST, AND I AM ONE OF THE FIRST TO OWN IT! LOOK AT ME! CAN I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION PUH-LEASE TO SHOW YOU MY LATEST PURCHASE”?

Not judging, just asking…

(*Especially white middle class adults who give their events names that defy any standards of English and/or include terms that should only ever be uttered by black gangster rappers.)

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