Politisplaining, Alt-Rightsplaining & Mediasplaining

Because mensplaining and womensplaining are old hat — sexism, like racism and other type of bigotry, is apparently mainstream again — I figured I’d introduce the new concepts that I think are (unfortunately!) going to be all the rage in 2017: politisplaining, alt-rightsplaining and mediasplaining.



It’s here! LBC Loony & Bigot Bingo!

Don’t get me wrong, I am a regular and generally happy listener to LBC 97.3, but I think it’s fair to say that many callers lack balanced views and observe politics and current affairs like they would their football (i.e. focused on their own club colour, narrow for-or-against attitude). Their contributions are generally cliche-ridden and often loony – it’s part of the entertainment of listening!

If you’re a regular listener, here’s something to hopefully add entertainment value: the LBC Loony & Bigot Bingo Card (or, as Twitter user @Swnk16 suggested we call it, EDL or No Deal). Then again, if you’ve never listened to LBC 97.3 before, give it a try; the bingo card will help ease you in, no doubt.

Preview the bingo card below and click here or on the image to download and print your own (size: A4).

LBC Bigot Bingo Card

Tweet to @jojowiththeflow (hashtag #BIGOTBINGO) if you want to contribute to (possible) future updates.