Broken news

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Let’s have a look at today’s New York Post, shall we?

Oh my God! That’s horrible! I am glad you posted about that today – so when did this happen?

Two years ago? Rrright… thanks for informing me about this, erm… breaking *cough* news…

Okay, I get it, we’re spoilt, news breaks every second and gets around the (digital) world so fast you might miss it if you blink. It doesn’t mean that stories that take a little while longer to get published lack newsworthiness or relevance. But TWO YEARS… how does that makes sene in any newsroom or on any editor’s desk? And not just with the story’s initial publishers, but also with the pretend-journo who then regurgitated the story on another website?

(See also this previous post addressing a similarly baffling, repetitive regurgitation of outdated (non-)news.)

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