Anyone red with embarrassment?

One of Stella McCartney's T-shirt 'designs' for Red Nose Day 2013 - Red-nosed? Try red-faced!

One of Stella McCartney’s T-shirt ‘designs’ for Red Nose Day 2013

No, TK Maxx, I will not buy any of your Red Nose Day t-shirts – Stella McCartney may have given her name to it but also a lazy, embarrassing non-design. I love TK Maxx but on this occasion I have to call bullsh!t: this is overpriced nonsense of a new Emperor’s New Clothes level.

Sure, ask donations for good causes (just for the purpose of serving the cause, without necessarily ‘rewarding’ the donor), or sell your regular, good-quality stock with a promise of donating part of your turnover to the cause, but this lazy t-shirt design only serves to either insult people’s intelligence or to serve self-indulgent folks who specifically want to be ‘seen to care‘.

TK Maxx, Stella McCartney and Red Nose Day just turned me off donating to Red Nose Day entirely, if that’s the level they’re willing to stoop to.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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