Dirty laundry

To: [Ex-husband]; [Ex-husband’s wife]
Sent: Dec 02, 2011, 01:51 AM

Came home to various missed calls from BOTH of you. You BOTH need to stop this. You could have just settled your argument between yourselves, yet you dragged me in by both calling me repeatedly over the past 3-4 weeks, so here are some home truths: I did NOT land [ex-husband] in debt, it’s quite the reverse and while [ex-husband] got his bankruptcy I am still paying and that’s how I almost ended up homeless. I did NOT know [ex-husband] had a new relationship, let alone two! We separated 08 April 2009; when [ex-husband] put an earlier date on his petition for divorce I did not contest it to allow the divorce to go through. I would never have known about the lies at my expense had you not contacted me, BOTH of you, to drag me into your argument; what do I have to do to stop you both from harassing me and move on – issue proof that [ex-husband] lied when this is YOUR argument not mine?! How pathetic and wicked are you both, seriously. LEAVE ME ALONE!


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