Without injunction

Regardless of whose injunctions have been upheld and whose haven’t, are any and all revelations about other people’s private lives really “a public’s right to know”? Some may be, but surely not all? Why do people even seem to care so much, is it part of misplaced celebrity obsession?

I don’t have a TV, but I think I know everything that happened in the latest celebrity reality TV show in the UK, because it was on the ruddy news all the time! And I had no idea who most of these people were that the newsreaders talked about, but I believe at least four of them were mentioned as being celebrities because they were someone’s former or current partner!

If that’s what the people want, no wonder even the UK broadsheets are nowadays jumping on stories about famous people’s private lives — but please, can anyone explain to me how these people or their stories are meant to be relevant to me or mankind?

I am feeling more disenfranchised by the day, but it’s not so much over politics.

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