Going. Going. Gone. (Respectively.)

Dear husband
For worse? In sickness? For poorer?
Nah… you never did.
Everything that was mine was yours.
Everything that was yours was yours.
Go. The world is your oyster ashtray.
Go and get on with your life.
Feed your sense of entitlement
to what you’re not entitled to.

Dear friends
Yoo-hoo… anybody there…?
Nope, didn’t think so.

Dear followers
Wherever I go, you will unfollow.

Dear mother
Have another drink on me.

Dear family
My blood does not run thicker than water.

Dear creditors
I am sorry. (Not that your care.)

Dear clients
I have loved every minute of working for you.

Dear cats
I am so sorry.
You melted my heart.
It bleeds for you.
Love you always.

Dear Lesley
I lost you before I had you.
But you were my child.
And now I miss you.
Rest in peace.


May 20, 2009
(corrected February 2010)

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